Warranty Inspections

Many single Family homes and multi-family buildings have warranties in place to cover premature failures in building design and components. As a direct result of the Leaky Condo Crisis the Home Owners Protection Office (HPO) was borne and the Home Owner Protection Act which required all residential buildings build in BC since 1998 to have third party warranty coverage. This is commonly referred to as the 2-5-10 year warranty; 2-years on labour and materials, 5-years on building envelope and 10-years on the structure.

As these dates approach; 2-5-10 years, it is important to file warranty claims for failed items before the deadline is past; otherwise the warranty company will not accept a claim that it past the due date. The home owner or the strata corporation is then left to repair the failed item at its own cost.

Skyview Inspection 360 Ltd. offers a warranty inspection to uncover failed and or deteriorated items before the warranty deadline is up. An inspection is conducted and a report written of all items under warrantee with attention to those items for which the warranty period/deadline will be expiring soon; 4-6 months, this gives time for the owner or strata corporation to file a claim and have the item(s) fixed while still under warranty. What a great idea; this is like taking your car to the mechanic just before the 100,000 km warranty expires to have a thorough review of the engine, drive train and exhaust system. The warranty company fixes any problems, if you wait until after 100,000 kms, then you pay.

A Warranty Inspection and Report will provide you with the necessary information to take advantage your warranty and ensure that you dont miss out!


1How many inspectors do you have and are they certified?
We have two experienced and professional inspectors working at Skyview. All are certified and belonging to the Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC). They follow the guidelines and Scope of Inspection set out by this Association. See Scope of Inspection (put this link in: https://hiabc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/HIABC-Scope-of-Inspection.pdf )