Sample Report

Inspection Report

At Skyview Inspection 360 Ltd., we provide the most thorough and comprehensive report that you can get for your money…..PERIOD. Skyview Inspectors are trained to inspect and report on the bigger issues as well as the smaller, less important issues. We endeavor not to miss any issue with the home inspection no matter how big or how small. One of the most valuable components of a Skyview Inspection 360 Ltd. Report is in the details. We don’t just indicate a problem, rather we explain the problem, why it is an issue, what needs to done to remedy the issue and we indicate a time frame for the remedy. This is a great advantage because you can ask questions and have the inspector point out the actual issue to you in the home. This will give you great insight and understanding of any issues that are found.

If you are not able to be at the house during the inspection, the report, which is e-mail friendly, will be emailed to you after the inspection.

Electronic report:

Skyview Inspection 360 Ltd.uses a computerized reporting system that is complete with many photos of all issues and concerns . Your Inspection Report comes to you in a downloadable PDF form that can be printed to.

You are welcome to be present at the Inspection. However, if you are unavailable, the inspector will contact you post inspection and provide you with a verbal summary, usually the same day, and a formal report will be sent to you later . You are encouraged to contact your inspector if you have any questions after you have received your Inspection Report.

Your Report comes to you in a form that is easily understood. Each component of the house is inspected and noted in the report which is divided into easy to follow sections. These sections contain all of the detailed information about the inspectors findings.

Digital Photos:

Many digital photos are taken by your inspector at the time of the inspection. These are mainly in areas that are deficient, in need of repair or of specific interest to your inspection. Photos inserted into your Report add clarity and can be especially useful to clients that are unable to attend the inspection. Feel free to ask your inspector to take photos of things you want to see–the yard, pool, garden, front entry, bedrooms, window coverings or cabinets . We don’t mind.

You also get a summary page of any items that the inspector found that need attention. The summary section is great for seeing the issues all in one spot. We welcome your questions-they are ALL important.


1How many inspectors do you have and are they certified?
We have two experienced and professional inspectors working at Skyview. All are certified and belonging to the Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC). They follow the guidelines and Scope of Inspection set out by this Association. See Scope of Inspection (put this link in: )