Skyview Inspection Services has a trained mold professional on staff

Mold is a common, naturally occurring organism. Every home or building has some amount of mold(s) present. Not all molds are cause for concern. Which ones are concerning? Which ones are present in your building? The only way to be sure is by collecting samples and having them analyzed. We will collect the necessary samples and have them analyzed by a qualified mold laboratory and report back to you with the results. Based on the results of your tests you may choose to remediate (remove or treat) the mold through a mold remediation company of your choice. Skyview Inspection 360 Ltd. does not do the remediation so we can offer unbiased testing & analysis.

When should you be concerned about mold in your building?
  • If you have had a flood or leak
  • If you can see the mold growth
  • If the building has a musty smell
  • If the building has poor air circulation
  • If there is an area of the building that has an ongoing high humidity level
  • If occupants are experiencing mold related health symptoms
Common Misconceptions about molds/moulds:
  • If you cannot see mold then there is no mold – molds can grow unseen behind walls, in insulation, under carpets and in air-handling equipment.
  • Spraying molds with off-the-shelf products – these products will not permanently remove the mold
  • Washing with chlorine bleach does not kill the mold
  • Drying the area with a fan – the mold will still be there until it is effectively removed – drying only is not effective.
  • Black molds-not all black molds are toxic and not all toxic molds are black – you need to find out which type of mold is really present.


1How many inspectors do you have and are they certified?
We have two experienced and professional inspectors working at Skyview. All are certified and belonging to the Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC). They follow the guidelines and Scope of Inspection set out by this Association. See Scope of Inspection (put this link in: )