Electrical Approval of Mobile Homes and Modular Homes

“You have to have the Mobile Home inspected by an Electrician before you can list it” …. “You have to have a CSA Sticker” …. “You can’t sell a mobile home Unless it Has a Silver Label” …. “If it is a Modular home it does not matter”.

These are the types of comments that I hear all the time about what is required before you can sell a Mobile Home. Well, they’re only partially accurate. Here are the “true facts”: The same issues apply to all types of Factory Built Homes, i.e. Mobile Homes & Modular Homes. Factory Built Homes are built in a factory and are built to meet CSA standards, including the electrical systems. When the home leaves the factory it receives a CSA label, which indicates that is has been built and certified to meet the appropriate CSA standards. The labels are usually stickers that are attached to the electrical panel, inside of a cabinet or on the exterior of the home. Any electrical work that is done to the home after it leaves the factory must be done under a valid electrical permit, otherwise the factory certification is void.

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