Radon gas is a naturally occurring by-product of decaying uranium. It is considered to be radioactive and a health hazard. Radon gases are present in most areas of the province and the gas is naturally dispelled into the outdoor air and is in such small concentrations that it is not a health concern.


In buildings however, the gas can accumulate in higher concentrations and become a health risk. Any area of a building that is in contact with the earth is susceptible to radon gas infiltration. The gas can enter the building through any cracks, voids, imperfections or openings. A well-sealed foundation is the best defence against gas infiltration. If high levels of radon gas are detected in the building then a remediation program should be employed to improve the barrier (seal up the leaks) and vent or exhaust the gases from the soils under the home.

Skyview Inspection 360 Ltd. can test the indoor air of your home for radon gas and have the sample(s) analyzed at a qualified laboratory. The test results can either be sent to you directly or delivered to you by Skyview Inspection 360 Ltd. Based on the laboratory results, radon gas remediation may, or may not be necessary or warranted. Skyview Inspection 360 Ltd. does not do the remediation so we can offer unbiased testing and analysis.